InSc Young Achiever Award

^^Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun balik lagi nih kali ini tentang Cermi #InSC Young Achiever Award semoga engga bosen yah hehee^^

Kali ini Widya comeback again guyss Hihihihi^^ waahh kali ini widya mau cerita apalagi yah? Hmmm yang penasaran kali ini widya mau cerita tentang Award yang widya dapet nihh.

kira-kira Award apa tuh ? Jengjengjengggggg

^^InSc Young Achiever Award^^

Apa sih InSC itu widya ? terus gimana kok bisa dapat award itu ?

InSC Award

InSc Research Excellence Award (REA)/ Young Achiever Award (YAA): InSc Research Excellence Award / Young Achiever Award is to encourage researchers by issuing awards to his/her research paper published in any of the reputed International Journals or conferences. More than 100 research papers from all over India will be awarded with the above title. Selection process and Benefits of both the awards are same. By default, the award title will be Research Excellence Award, however Young Achiever Award title will be given to those who prefers it and with below 40 years of age.

^^Nah dibawah ini bukti Widya dapat InSc Young Achiever Award^^

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